Dealing With

Software Defined Radio
RF Tuner project a samudrika
Wide band tuner
16 channel transceiver
S Band QF Unit
16 channel transceiver
WBI (Wide band Tuner)
Telemetry Receiver
Beam Controller
Tele metery Gauge Systems
RF Tuner
KU Band ALC Driver Amplifiers
Warhead PCB
Control Cards, Group controller & Distributions modules
Active phased array antenna
Velocity ANALYSER Doppler radar 
AESA Plank Controller 
AC-DC Converter 5V and 12 V 
Data Acquisition System Electronic Modules 
Earth Sensor & Sun Sensors Projects for LEOS 
Quaol Superhot Receiver (RSHR)
Micro Strip Fitter (Upto 40 GHZ)
Stripline fitter (upto 40 Ghz)
LC Filter (upto 5 glty)
Crystal Filter
Power divider